Myrna Bloom

Magic Clean Carpet on The Auserehlian Cleaning System
by Mryna Bloom and Richard Marcus
from The Decorative Rug

How fascinating it is that oriental rugs have their origins thousands of years ago!  Though centuries have passed, little in rug making has changed.  There may be fewer tribal rugs make now than in the past, but then are we so sure?  Or are there tribes – and rugs – yet undiscovered that 50 or 100 years hence will grace theIf rugs could talk... marketplaces of the world?  Within the walls of countless individual cottage shops and city factories, rugs continue to be woven today as they have been since the light of dawn shone on early civilization.  Part of the beauty of any oriental rug lies in its ageless links to the past:  in design, color, originality, and, of course, in the fact that it is the work of human hands at ancient skills.Time passes; fibres become embedded with the dust of years (for centuries!) even when a rug is a wall hanging rather than a floor piece.  Fringes become soiled, disheveled.  And colors – central to all that an oriental rug embodies – lose their flush, are dimmed or hidden under an accumulation of dirt that, until now, has never been able to be wholly lifted from a valued oriental rug.

Ordinary methods of rug cleaning – rug preserving, if you will – have not appreciably changed in so long a time that it cannot be measured.  True, hot water, gentle soaps, cleaners, detergents, fluids, foams, chemicals, and the like have tempted all but the strictest caretakers of oriental rugs.  But museum curators, knowledgeable collectors, and all the rest of us still rely on a modus operandi that promises little more than a good bath, at best.  We might have hoped for a return to long-ago brilliance of colors and freshness of fibres, but we know that is not to be.  Not, at least, until now.

Phillip Auserehl, a man with a mind, a mission, and a love for oriental rugs, has perfected a method of preserving and cleaning oriental rugs that can produce dramatic results on every rug he touches.  He has designed (read: invented) an instrument which hovers over the surface of a rug and, without ever coming into contact with the actual surface, dislodges and totally removes from the rug the accumulation of dirt, right down to the warp and welt of the original waving.  Dirt and dust are not simply transferred elsewhere on the rug’ they are thoroughly removed by a process of cleaning more gently than beating, more efficient than vacuum, more thorough and reliable than any system of cleaning presently is use.  The results of the Auserehlian Cleaning System process invite the challenge of microscopic inspection.

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The air-driven tool of Auserehl’s design floats over the surface of the rugs, expelling dirt that has accumulated despite prior rug cleanings.

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